4. Learning through VR: Why and how?

Robin · October 30, 2019

4. Learning through VR: Why and how?

We’ve finally arrived at the questions that the VR Learning HUB centers around: How and why should you use Virtual Reality in your teaching or training? In this extensive course, we’ll guide you through our answers to these questions and we’ll help you formulate your own.

First, we will discuss the three different methods of using VR technology. We will give you tips to further explore these directions and start experimenting.

In the second part, we try to place everything in a theoretical framework. Why would we want to make use of VR technology for learning? What are the didactical upsides and downsides? What does research tell us?

After we’ve laid this groundwork, we’ll come back to how to use VR in your organization. We’ll discuss use cases, best practices, and help you to build real innovations.

N.B.: Part 2 and 3 are still in the making. We’ll publish them by the end of summer 2020.

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