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0.4 Getting to know each other

admin February 24, 2020

We want to create a real community here, where we learn from each other and perhaps even start international collaboration. To make this work we all need to put effort in to get to know each other. 

An online community does not emerge without a little effort. Our approach to build up this network consists of these two parts:

  1. Online events for all members. In these webinars, we share our knowledge or we talk to someone that inspires us. But there is also plenty of room for our members, who share their valuable experiences and learn from each other. You can find an overview of all coming and past events here.
  2. If you’re a Pro member, you have received a link to our Slack. This is a separate website and mobile app that we use for discussions, questions, announcements, and chats.

Assignment for Pro members

Introduce yourself on the Smalltalk channel.