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The second component of the HUB is FIND: our database packed with VR- and AR-related content. Here you go when you’re actively looking for something. We’re continually adding new content here and sharing our own experiences.


As the name suggests, you go to the Inspiration tab when you’re looking for inspiration. Here we collect interesting research papers and successful applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality, both in- and outside of education. But you can also find in-depth blog posts of the future of AR or the possibilities of immersive journalism. 


In the Learning material tab we’re collecting ready-to-use apps and lesson plans. Here you can find VR experiences that give you a first-person view of cultural and political events, space expeditions and math visualizations. 
The members of this  network have a variety of backgrounds. That’s why it’s quite important here to use the filters. By filtering by educational level, domain and device, hopefully you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 


In the Creation tools tab you can find software you can use to create your own VR & AR experiences. Here you can filter on the kind of content you can create with the tool. We make the difference between formats like virtual tours, augmented reality and interactive 3D worlds. For may entries we’ll also refer to tutorials to get you started with the software. 

Find is exclusively available for Pro members.

Assignment for Pro members
Have a look around! We try to make everything self-explanatory. Using the filters in the right ways, might take some time to master though.