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The VR Learning HUB is a diverse network, with different professional and cultural backgrounds. In our Slack workspace, you can connect with these like-minded teachers, trainers, and developers. This means that the HUB will be a place to learn about education in different parts of the world, for you and for us as well!

Slack is a separate website and a mobile app (for both Apple and Android smartphones) for discussions. If you’re a PRO member, you should have received an invite for our workspace from us.

It’s the place to share your experiences, ask questions, and collaborate and participate in group discussions.

We think we should all do our best to create an open and safe environment where people from different backgrounds feel welcome to share their experiences. 

Assignment for Pro members
Explore the different channels on Slack and see if there are any discussions you’d like to contribute to. Feel free to share what you’re working on and what you’re challenges are as well. Someone might be able to help!

Are you new to Slack? Check out the tutorial below.