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“I want to challenge my students to create their own Virtual Reality experiences.”

Virtual Reality can be used in schools, even right now, when the technology has not been widely established in society. When you challenge your students to create a VR experience or game, they can exercise their creativity. 

Moreover, they can get familiar with the principles of coding. Coding, or programming, is useful for everyone, not just for software developers. Your students will discover new technologies, solve complex problems, and find out that code isn’t scary at all. 

Students can transcend the role of consumers when we give them the opportunity to devise and create VR experiences themselves. They’ll learn that VR is not just for gaming, but that it’s a new medium suitable for art and education. 

How to get started

CoSpaces Edu is a great way to get your students into VR creation. We use this creation tool in our lessons for primary school students, but we also regularly do hackathons for professionals with this software.

Follow course 3 to familiarize yourself with CoSpaces Edu. The course explains the basics and the end project is an interactive virtual zoo. This project can be built with a free (basic) CoSpaces Edu account. Below, we’ve included an example of a CoSpace about Roman architecture.

Next steps

CoSpaces Edu
The best way to improve your CoSpaces Edu skills is to practice, to have some fun with, and to follow our advanced courses about this tool. Course 6, 7, and 8, all available for Pro VR Learning HUB members). 

360° photography
Are you more interested in taking 360° photos and videos in the real world? For example to let students create a tour of your building, or to create your own interactive 360 learning material? 

Course 5 and 9 focus entirely on creating 360° photos and videos and using them to create interactive learning materials.