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“I want to deepen my knowledge about Virtual Reality and its applications in education and beyond.”

In many cases, we advise to first create a firm basis for further learning about Virtual Reality and education. Maybe you’re in charge of innovating the employee training program, and you’re not sure whether and how Virtual Reality could play a role in this. Maybe you’re a teacher who wants to get a better understanding of the possibilities and challenges of Virtual Reality in the classroom. 

The courses on the VR Learning HUB are based on more than five years of research and practical experience. We continuously include the latest research findings from around the world.

Student testing a VR experience during Learning through Virtual Reality, our course at the Honours Academy of Leiden University

How to get started

Course 1 to 3 give you a great overview of the technology behind VR, and its applications. Moreover, you get a taste of developing VR experiences yourself. Follow these courses in chronological order to build yourself a strong foundation.

Next steps

We advise you to deepen your knowledge with Course 4. This Course will give you insight into how and why VR can play a role in education. 

Next, you might want to formulate a plan. Which topics sparked your interest the most? Which VR Learning HUB courses will give you the skills and information you need next? Our team can definitely help you plan your next step. Schedule a video call with Robin, or book a personal training or consultancy session.

Are you interested in Course 4 and beyond? Or can we assist you with personal training?